Mazco HistorySeeking greater independence, Mr. Mohammad Azhar Akhtar established his own company by the name of National Rice mills with the aim of supplying rice to various government and semi-government organizations. Success soon followed and National Rice Mills started attaining a good reputation in trade and official circles.

In 1991, he made the company a private limited company and changed the name to Mazco Industries (Pvt) Ltd - Applying his vast experience, he established a state-of-the-art rice mill, Mazco Industries (Pvt) Ltd, a pioneer in many new technologies that had never been tried in Pakistan before.

With the grace of Almighty Allah, Mazco industries (Pvt) is a prestigious pillar of Azhar Group of Companies dealing with rice milling and are exporting the finest brands of rice in Pakistan namely Super Kernel Basmati and non basmati rice since 1991 in the town of Jalalpur Bhattian situated in the Punjab province of Pakistan. Mazco is involved in rice growing, development experimentations and bringing improvement in quality as major grower of rice crop in the Punjab province of Pakistan.