Right from the very stage of paddy purchase to the final consumable processed product Mazco’s QA department ensures conformance with various quality standards and hygiene factors. Every measure is taken at the micro level to ensure that the grain is free from weevils or any foreign material.
Mazco assesses the raw material, finished product and studies the grain from a consumer perspective.
Each consignment is properly fumigated and once all technical parameters are met and the QA fully satisfied, the grain is packed and dispatched for delivery.
Samples of product taken at the final stage of packing are kept for reference by the QA for atleast 6 months. Mazco’s laboratories are staffed with well-trained food technologists and equipped with the latest laboratory apparatus which includes:

• Elisa Apparatus Kits for testing
• KETT Whiteness Meters
• Moisture Meters to test moisture in rice
• Electronic Balances for weighing
• Vernier Calipers for grain measurement
• Grain Scope
• Whitener machines