MAZCO Industries (Pvt) Ltd. is a prestigious pillar of Azhar Group of Companies dealing with rice milling for the best quality Pakistani rice namely Super Kernal Basmati and non-Basmati rice since 1947.  Mazco is involved in rice growing, development experimentations and bringing improvement in quality as major grower of rice crop in the Punjab province of Pakistan.

Rice processing unit with modernized technology, Mazco has firmed believes in the latest technology and manners in order to ensure the finest and standardized quality of rice. The company has modern and latest rice processing plant. The plant possesses numerous new technological advancements made in the field of rice milling and processing the plant comprises state-of-the- art steam plant and parboiled plant equipped from Germany, Japan and United Kingdom for processing of rice.

Mazco installed another state-of-the-art rice husking/steaming plant on 25 Acres of land in Jalalpur Bhattian, the world-renowned rice cultivating district of the country, popularly known as the “Basmati Bowl” of Pakistan. This expansion in the economically backward region aims to further enhance Mazco’s role as a responsible rice exporter of Pakistan.

As the leading Basmati rice exporter from Pakistan, Mazco understands that the most sought  world class basmati rice cannot be produced without world class rice processing plants. With the collaboration of the latest Japanese, American, British & Indian technologies, this facility includes modern paddy dryers, rice parboiling units, and silos that monitor humidity, temperature and moisture of rice paddy. Mazco envisions making this facility the single largest rice husking and parboiling plant in Pakistan. The hallmark of this plant is world class efficiency which focuses on preventing 10%-15% grain loss due to post-harvest losses.