Basmati' long grained rice with a fine texture is the most valuable rice in the world and has been favored alike by the rich and the poor, the elite and the commoners. 'Basmati' means the “queen of fragrance or the perfumed one” attracts the highest premium because it has an aroma of its own - nutlike flavor, which enhances the flavor it is mixed with. Today 'basmati' has captured nearly 20% of the world-market among many varieties of rice ‘Pakistani basmati' is the most demanded rice in the world.

In cooking, its grain grows to almost twice its size. Each grain remains unbroken after cooking thereby enhances its attractive and palatable sight.

The best basmati rice in the world is cultivated in the fertile soil and emerald green paddy fields of Punjab - Pakistan. Punjab, the land of five rivers, with its elaborated canal irrigation system is the biggest rice-producing province. The government of Pakistan has approved certain districts of Punjab as basmati zones to ensure uniform quality produce. Every crop species has its own ecological requirements. Rice is a semi-aquatic crop. It, therefore, grows best in the paddy fields submerged under water in warm climate of Punjab.

Pakistan is one of the largest cultivator and exporters of basmati rice. Pakistan is well renowned around the world for its exquisite basmati rice. Punjab is the heart of Pakistan and the grower of finest rice. The climate of Punjab is most suitable for basmati rice. The main characteristic of basmati rice is, long grain, slender, non glutinous, famous for its fragrance and delicate flavor. Basmati is in amazingly white luster, the enhancing basmati aroma exquisite.


  • White Rice
  • Basmati Rice – 385
  • Brown Rice
  • Parboiled Super Kernel Basmati Rice